Thursday, April 29, 2010

High on fashion

Are you absorbed by the mysteries of the universe? Do you absorb your time gazing at the stars? If your acknowledgment was yes again this time around, you can absolutely abrasion the universe! Vizyon presents its spring-summer collection, 'Celestial Bodies'.
Why we recommend
The accumulating is bold, abreast and alluring with feminine account like pleats, apparel and 3D structural folds. It is not aloof appearance but a fashionable experience! It's fun, different, artistic and different and you're abiding to accomplish a statement.
Buy at: Chamomile in Mumbai, Ensemble in Mumbai, White in New Delhi, Ensemble New Delhi, Ballygunge Place in Kolkata
Price: On request
Be who you appetite to be with Aftershock's Spring Summer collection. Explore the hidden you. Be a adventurous dreamer or a Futuristic Chic or alike a Golden Miss. The store's accessible to your every fantasy!
Why we recommend
Fashion is all about assuming who you appetite to be and with this accumulating you can do that. Experiment with colors and fabrics and complete your attending with the appropriate accessories.
Buy at: Store No.15, cantankerous anchorage 2, Nariman Point
Price: On request You can now accept fuller and added alluring aperture with Lancôme's L'absolu Crème de Brilliance. It promises to replump your aperture and accord you 10 hours of moisture, abundance and abounding volume. So get accessible for velvety, bland and agleam lips.
And while your at it, why not allow in article for your eyes too, you won't alike accept to airing a block for it, Lancôme's Hypnôse Precious Cells is a charge accept for those eyes. Get continued and amorous lashes in a jiffy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bebo turns a teacher

Remember a few canicule aback we told you how Vidya Balan batten about apna Bollywood at a adopted university.
Well looks like Kareena Kapoor is activity to chase her lead. The extra has been arrive by the acceptance at Cardiff University, UK, to allocution to them about showbiz. Some added universities accept additionally followed their advance and arrive her to allege on cinema. A antecedent says, “Kareena is because several capacity to allocution on. However, she is demography her time to attenuated them bottomward back she wants to do a acceptable job of it.”

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bips to perform at IPL finale!

She was aftermost apparent at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai, bespectacled and at a accident as to which aggregation to abutment - because she’s a Kolkata babe who grew up in Delhi and is active in Mumbai - a bind best metro-trotting adolescent Indians face .

“Kis kis ko abutment karoon?” she quips, and back MS Dhoni’s a acceptable friend, she had acclimatized bottomward to acclamation Aggregation Chennai. Bipasha, who’s absolutely gung ho about cricket, will now bake the attic at the IPL afterpiece and she confirms it in her signature croaking voice, “Yes, I’m assuming at the IPL afterpiece tomorrow.”

With her fresh fit and fab bod, she’s apprenticed to accelerate the oomph-o-meter soaring. When we ask her if that is the acumen abaft the atom in her accord with John Abraham, she says, “For John, fettle is a way of life. We get pleasure activity to the gym together, there are assertive accepted credibility that we allotment - our upbringing, our common roots are similar, we are simple, grounded, and our families don’t amusement us like stars. But activity by our personalities, we are two actual altered people.” Fit hai toh hit hai, for Bips at least!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PS3 3.0 Update to bring 3D Sterioscopic Gaming

Finally, Sony has appear that it will clearly accompany 3D stereoscopic gaming on PlayStation 3 gaming animate with accessible firmware 3.30 update. In February, John Koller, administrator of accouterments marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America, had declared that PS3 would be accepting 3D Stereoscopic Gaming with firmware amend this summer. Sony will additionally barrage 3D Bravia TVs alongside the PS3 firmware 3.30 update.

Eric Lempel, administrator of PlayStation Network Operations, acquaint about the accessible 3.30 firmware for PS3 and additionally listed out a brace of Bays enhancements due with the update.

Trophy enhancements:

Now you can added calmly array trophies in the [Trophy Collection] and [Comparing Trophy] sections. Sorting can be done with [Trophy Collection] in the [Game Category] and additionally back comparing trophies with your accompany in the [Friend Category]

-Trophy Folder (Title List) can be sorted by bold name/ by appellation according to the date in which you becoming your aftermost bays (ascending/descending)

-Add-on account (Group list) can be sorted by original/the date in which you becoming your aftermost bays (ascending/descending)

-Trophy account can be sorted by original/trophy name/grade/date of accepting the bays (ascending/descending)

Along with that, Lempel additionally mentioned about the 3D stereoscopic gaming on PS3 console. Aftermost month, VG247 blog got a few images of 3.20 alter firmware for PS3 gaming animate and acicular out the 3D Video Output advantage added in the XMB (CrossMediaBar) interface. But instead of bringing the Stereoscopic 3D support, Sony created agitation by announcement 3.21 firmware amend for PS3.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mermaids are true!

Unbelievable the Mermaids are still alive...... This mermaid has found after the tsunami.They are something different to our expectations. I may correct........

This diminished 6-feet bogie body was from Shikoku, Japan. They accede bogie as the main-stream religious deity, which is alleged Ningyo Shinko or bogie religion. Many Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples apotheosize diminished mermaids there for bodies to adoration alike today.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bluetooth 4.0 specification is finalised

Remember Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed - that abundantly aflame amalgamation of Bluetooth and WiFi technology? Us too. Remember seeing it installed into agitative fresh products? No, us neither. So let's achievement for added good with Bluetooth 4.0...

The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has accepted this abutting gen accepted has now been finalised and its key focus will be on low activity consumption. How low? It doesn't accord exact figures, but SIG says - depending on the volumes of abstracts actuality beatific - that accessories such as pedometers could run for months on a distinct charge. SIG additionally talks about glucose monitors, watches and so alternating which accept abundantly alone Bluetooth up to now - alike if there accept been some notable exceptions.

"Bluetooth v4.0 throws accessible the doors to a host of fresh markets for Bluetooth manufacturers and articles such as watches, alien controls, and a array of medical and in-home sensors," said Bluetooth SIG controlling administrator Michael Foley. "Many of these articles run on button-cell batteries that charge aftermost for years against hours and will additionally account from the best ambit enabled by this fresh adaptation of the Bluetooth specification. "

When talking about "longer range" Foley is referencing the actuality Bluetooth 4.0 will additionally be able of amalgam with WiFi signals aloof like v3.0 + High Speed. SIG now refers to this functionality as 'Classic Bluetooth', far beneath of a mouthful.

So Bluetooth continues to advance and baffle critics who claimed the accepted would die off abounding years ago. On the added hand, whether it will be added broadly adopted than Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed charcoal to be seen. Consumer accessories featuring Bluetooth 4.0 will barrage in amid backward 2010 and aboriginal 2011, aloof so continued as companies affliction to apparatus it.

Food for your skin!

Your already absolute appearance has now become anemic and flaky. You accusation it on those amaranthine hours of travelling and aberrant assignment schedules.Now, you don't accept to accord up that job to attending your beaming best. All you accept to do is bite on some appetizing yet alimental aliment items and get the afterglow back.

According to bark specialist Aarti Agarwal, a advantageous diet, with able amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins and beneath fat, will advance the affection of your skin.

Here are some aliment items she recommends:


This bake-apple has a aerial akin of mono-unsaturated fat that makes dry bark supple. Affluent in B-complex vitamins and capital oils, it works as an anti-inflammatory abettor and soothes red, affronted or blotchy dermis.


We are talking about plums, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. These fruits not alone attending and aftertaste acceptable but are additionally affluent in vitamins and phosphorus.

Paneer (cottage cheese)

High in protein, low in fat, and calmly accessible at your bounded bazaar (or appropriately accessible to accomplish at home), paneer serves as an antioxidant for your skinSelenium, (a mineral begin in cottage cheese) accumulated with Vitamin E could accord you a blessed and aglow skin.


Believe it or not, the aperitive apricot you adulation acquisitive bottomward - either as an appetizer, or in your soup, maybe alike as the capital dish, has the capital blubbery acids that accomplish your bark glow.

If angle isn't your thing, try walnuts, beat berry or canola oil.


Mangoes, mangoes, and added mangoes! The best allotment is that this is one aliment you can get artistic with - eat it in a bake-apple salad, accomplish a milkshake out of it, or accept it beginning off a treeMake abiding you don't amplify it (though we all apperceive we never accept abundant of this summertime fruit) and smile your way to advantageous skin. Mangoes are affluent in the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.

Mangoes adjustment the bark beef so that it doesn't attending flaky. They advice your facial tissue break advantageous and in shape.


The antioxidants in almond bark and the vitamin E in the almond assignment as a aggregation to assure your bark from accident and aboriginal ageing.

"They moisturise your bark from within," adds Agarwal.

Green tea

"This alcohol has polyphenols, a accumulation of actinic substances with anti-inflammatory characteristics," says Agarwal. Green tea protects your bark from sun accident and is additionally acclimated by the Chinese to amusement acne.

Finally, hydration is your skin's best friend. You may accept heard this one afore but eight glasses of acceptable old baptize can get you on your way to young, advantageous and aglow skin!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Easy tip to boost your vitality

Do you attempt to accumulate your eyes accessible alike afterwards a acceptable night's beddy-bye or feel you are consistently in a slump? This simple plan will accompany the action surging aback into your life.

Have a able breakfast: Back you deathwatch up your claret amoroso levels are at their everyman as you accept been abnegation while you sleep. So accept a able breakfast to energise your body.

Move your body: Concrete action tells your anatomy to advantage up so you charge to stop equating brainy tiredness with concrete tiredness. Think of exercise as article that won't booty continued and will leave you activity agitated rather than exhausted.

Go accessible on caffeine: Every time we alcohol article with caffeine in it, the anatomy is angry to absolution insulin and claret amoroso levels drop. As your claret amoroso crashes your action levels collapse abrogation you clumsy to apply and appetite ailing food. So cut aback on the cappuccinos and diet colas and try bubbler Chinese blooming tea or baptize instead. Fresh bake-apple abstract or a smoothie will additionally advice advantage you up.

Put on your dancing shoes : Singing and dancing, alike if it is in the aloofness of your own home, will do wonders for your action levels.

Try article new: High-energy bodies are consistently aggravating fresh things alike back old and accustomed patterns assume acceptable enough. Experts accede that apathy is one of the best accepted action zappers so try abacus article fresh to your life.

Try a aliment you've never eaten, change your beard colour or book a continued weekend to about you've never been. An absorption that absorbs you such as agronomical or arena an apparatus will additionally accord you a boost.

See what the real iphone 4G will look like!

Since aftermost two summers, we've been consistently spotting chapped images of the abutting iPhone archetypal of agnate year and we did atom a few pictures of the iPhone 4G as well. Engadget has now acquaint what it calls "the absolute iPhone 4G photos". Though abounding acicular out that alike these were fake, abounding blogger and tech auger John Gruber did some analysis and assured that this agglomeration of iPhone 4G photos is real.

Back in backward January, Engadget had leaked images of Apple iPad ancestor from, a abstruse Chinese forum. That photo was accounted to be taken in Apple's Test Labs and had a glimpse of iPhone 4G prototype. Engadget has managed to grab clearer photos of declared iPhone 4G through Twitpics, an angel uploading account for Twitter. Engadget said an bearding 'source' accepted the actuality of these images.

So what can we achieve from these "real" images? They appearance that the iPhone 4G archetypal has altered body than the absolute iPhone models. The iPhone 4G ancestor archetypal carries aluminium-like rims, bottle awning with a advanced camera and iPhone 3G-like aback panel. The aback console additionally carries an FCC cardinal starting with BCGA and an IC cardinal from 579C. These numbers additionally abide in iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Apparently, Apple hasn't acclimated the aluminum asylum aloof like the one acclimated in MacBook Pros. More centralized shots of iPhone 4G were accessible from theWeiphone forum.

John Gruber acicular out that aback in 2006, Apple registered a apparent for application bowl enclosures and according to him, aluminum enclosures don't get able radio signals. Several sources told Gruber that the aback asylum is high-durability adorned glass. This fresh glass-like asylum would be stronger to survive falls, blemish aggressive and additionally radio after-effects friendly.

So far, we're contented with what Gruber credibility at and are absolutely geared up to see the fresh iPhone 4G officially. We should not balloon that iPhone's annual artefact activity aeon suggests that iPhone's brace is due this year as able-bodied in June as Phil Schiller chief carnality admiral of marketing, told David Pogue, a technology columnist with The Fresh York Times.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dark chocolate good for liver disease

Doctors could anon be prescribing a dosage of aphotic amber to advice patients with alarmist disease, according to a fresh Spanish research.The abstraction suggests that aphotic amber can account patients adversity from alarmist cirrhosis and from alarmingly aerial claret burden in their abdomen.

It contains almighty anti-oxidants, which abate the post-prandial (after-meal) claret burden in the alarmist (or aperture hypertension) associated with damaged alarmist claret argosy (endothelial dysfunction).

"As able-bodied as avant-garde technologies and aerial science, it is important to analyze the abeyant of another sources which can accord to the all-embracing wellbeing of a patient," Professor Mark Thursz, MD FRCP, Vice Secretary of EASL and Professor of Hepatology, at Imperial College London said.

"This abstraction shows a bright affiliation amid bistro aphotic amber and aperture hypertension and demonstrates the abeyant accent of improvements in the administration of cirrhotic patients, to minimise the access and appulse of end date alarmist ache and its associated bloodshed risks," he added.

Cirrhosis is scarring of the alarmist as a aftereffect of long-term, connected accident to the liver. In cirrhosis, apportionment in the alarmist is damaged by oxidative accent and bargain antioxidant systems. After eating, claret burden in the belly veins usually increases due to added claret breeze to the liver.

This is decidedly alarming and damaging to cirrhotic patients as they already accept added claret burden in the alarmist (portal hypertension) and elsewhere, which, if severe, can account claret barge rupture.Thus, bistro aphotic amber may ultimately anticipate this abeyant blackmail to cirrhotic patients.

In the study, 21 patients with end date alarmist ache were randomised to accept a aqueous meal absolute white amber or one absolute aphotic chocolate. Various abstracts were taken afore the meal and 30 account afterwards.

The aphotic amber meal acquired a abate acceleration in claret burden in the alarmist than the white amber meal.White amber does not accommodate any amber flavonoids, which accept the anti-oxidant properties.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The three nobilities!

When you carol and recite any mantra, buck in apperception the accent of the Three Nobilities: Bodhichitta, Non-Objectifying Wisdom and Dedication. This brings account to the one reciting and for those it is meant to accompany benefit.

The two aspects to bethink are: Firstly, accumulate abstruse your mantra address and its result. Secondly, be alert not to allege to others who are not Dharma practitioners about your convenance and accrued benefit. If we are not alert of this, the aftereffect will not be absolute due to abounding armament that may be counter-productive.

The three nobilities are as important as your admiring to accomplish the aftereffect by reciting the specific mantra.

The aboriginal dignity is alleged Bodhichitta, which is ‘Awakened Mind.’ It agency bearing of a appropriate action to account all acquainted beings with the virtues actuality accumulated. This action should be generated above-mentioned to any affectionate of blameless practice. You can apprehend this band to actuate yourself for the account of all:

"I will account all acquainted beings bestowing them with abiding beatitude and qualities."

The additional dignity is alleged Non-Objectifying Wisdom. It agency whatever advantage is accumulated or practiced, it's done afterwards any faculty of desires adhering to the mind. This, in added words, is alleged basic acquaintance and is maintained during the capital convenance itself.

One should be absolutely acquainted afterwards any adhering or self-centric desires such as, ‘I am the one who practices this virtue’ or ‘this is the advantage I'm practising and for them I practise.’ In fact, one should cut out such thoughts from the apperception stream. When the apperception is bare of such authentic thoughts, all affections artlessly calm down. It is accordingly alleged Non-Objectifying Wisdom, the accurate and basic acquaintance of all beings.

The third dignity is alleged Dedication. It agency whatever advantage has been accumulated, for example, by chanting and reciting the mantra, it is committed to bringing to acquainted beings whatever account is accessible to rid them of their adversity and bringing them happiness. Usually, the adherence adoration is chanted alone afterwards the blameless practice.

Chant this band as a adherence prayer: "Gewa Ma-ghen Drodug Kunla Ngo” - which agency “May all affectionate acquainted beings attain broad-mindedness through the ability of all the virtues I ability accept accumulated by chanting and reciting the mantra."

It is of acute accent to feel what added beings need. Feel what you need. To our abruptness we will ascertain that the charge and claim are one and the same, that is, happiness. Each and every actuality needs annihilation added than happiness.

Extend this convenance added from one actuality to two and four - for instance from your ancestors and again to the neighbourhood, to your boondocks and added towns, cities and to country -- and added appear all acquainted beings.

Practice this circadian and see the result. Don’t balloon that Dharma belongs to nobody. It comes to those who endeavour the most. So begin, now.

'I pray in solitude !'

Actress Minissha Lamba believes afterlife is important in the way our lives appearance up

You acquisition God in...

“I acquisition God in everyone. There’s no artifice Him. Even admitting we all try to adumbrate from Him, He’s present aural us, so there’s no artifice Him.

We don’t charge to attending for Him, He’s appropriate there!”

How do you affix to God?

“My affiliation to God is actual personal. I am not accustomed with rituals, accordingly the alone way I apperceive how to affix with God is to adjure in moments of solitude. And I acquisition that God inspires me. A affiliation with Him gives me strength.”

Karma and kismat to you are...

“Karma is important in the way our lives appearance up. That is what, I believe, contributes in alteration our kismat. The body has to array out accomplished activity karmas. The aftereffect is simple: You acquire what you sow.”

True comfort lies in...

“I generally acquaint myself, the grass is greenest wherever I stand. I don’t attending for greener grass on the added side. So, I’m in beatitude with what I have.”

Motherhood made easy !

Name of product: Babyish monitor

Price: Rs1,000 onwards

Brief: Buy this for your little angel. A babyish adviser is a accessory that helps you watch over your babyish alike back you are not physically present in the room. So you no best accept to feel accusable while you get active with your hubby, for the adviser is there to accumulate an eye over your child. An anxiety or arresting alerts you as anon as he/she wakes up or cries.

Why it rocks: You can get the best of both worlds. Whoever said actuality a wife and mommy is boxy didn't apperceive about babyish monitor.

Pick this at: Mothercare at Shoppers Stop.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Microsoft launches mobiles!

Microsoft Corp launched two beginning phones aimed at adolescent people, appearance a beginning advance on the low end of the growing smartphone market, area BlackBerry maker Analysis in Motion Ltd and Apple Inc now dominate.

Thecomputer application company's aboriginal attack into designing its own phones comes six months afore it rolls out its beginning Windowscomputer application for phones fabricated by handset makers HTC Corp, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and others, which should be a added absolute claiming to Apple's iPhone and Google Inc's Android phones.

"Kin is an absorbing attack to ambition the 15 to 25 market," said Ross Rubin, customer electronics and wireless industry analyst at bazaar analysis close NPD Group.

Success will depend heavily on the appraisement of abstracts plans, said Rubin, which is not accepted for a few added weeks. Microsoft did not say how abundant the phones would advertise for.

"But alike if the accessory does not about-face out to be successful, Microsoft is introducing some concepts that ability be useful," said Rubin. The Kin One and Kin Two, as they are actuality branded, are fabricated by Japan's Sharp Corp and will be awash by Verizon Wireless, a collective adventure amid Verizon Communications Inc and Vodafone Group Plc.

The beginning phones -- accessible in the United States in May and Europe in the autumn -- focus on accumulation feeds from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter assimilate the homescreen, and acquiesce users to set up networks of accompany to allotment photos, weblinks and so on.

Both of the beginning Kin phones accept a touchscreen, slide-out keyboard and camera. Kin One is smaller, advised to be acclimated with alone one hand, while Kin Two has a beyond awning and keyboard, added anamnesis and can almanac high-definition video.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sony eriction unviels two new phone for the Indian market

Sony Ericsson apparent two fresh phones in the Indian bazaar to be launched after in the year beneath its Sony Ericsson Walkman series.The two fresh handsets called as Sony Ericsson Zylo and Sony Ericsson Spiro accommodate not alone accommodate music appearance but additionally amusing networking tools.

The phones additionally accept a TrackID affection which acquiesce users to admission the name and artisan of a clue they apprehend arena wherever they are. Sony Ericsson claims in 2009 there accept been 129 actor lookups for TrackID.

“The Sony Ericsson ambit of Walkman™ phones has apparent amazing success back it was aboriginal launched in 2005 accepting awash added than 130 actor handsets to date – and we are still seeing a abundant appetence from consumers. Today’s advertisement aims to amuse this appeal by authoritative the Walkman™ buzz ambit accessible to a added audience,” said Peter Ang, Vice President, Marketing, Asia Pacific region, Sony Ericsson.

“By accumulation the best of the Walkman™ functionality with a countless of amusing networking capabilities, Sony Ericsson Zylo™ and Sony Ericsson Spiro™ action consumers the adventitious to admission and get a aftertaste of what our Communication Entertainment portfolio has to offer,” assured Ang.

The Spiro will be accessible in Contrast Black, Sunset Pink, Spring Green and Stealth Black colours while the Zylo will be accessible in Jazz Black, Chacha Silver and Swing Pink.

SRK's First Salary

Shah Rukh Khan is affluent and acclaimed today, but the man had his fair allotment of barrier blocks. He adventures about the canicule way afore he became a television actor. “I becoming my aboriginal bacon by ushering. It wasa Pankaj Udhas concert, and I was blockage access tickets and demography bodies to their seats. I becoming Rs. 50 and was on the top of the world,” he says.
What did Shah Rukh Khan do with his aboriginal pay? “Well, aloof like anybody I acclimated it to accomplish my dream. I got into a alternation and accomplished Agra. My ambition was consistently to see the Taj Mahal.
All this was way afore alike my Fauji days,” he smiles. So activity may be adequate for the amateur today, but it’s difficult for SRK to balloon the boxy yesterdays. “Those canicule accumulate you apprehensive and your anxiety durably rooted. They were additionally actual beautiful,” he signs off.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunscreen nanoparticles could be toxic if eaten!

Nanoparticles of zinc oxide present in sunscreens could prove baneful if captivated accidentally, according to a study. Particles abate than 100 nanometers are hardly added baneful to colon beef than accepted zinc oxide. Solid zinc oxide was added baneful than agnate amounts of acrid zinc, and absolute atom to corpuscle acquaintance was appropriate to account corpuscle death.
Philip Moos and colleagues agenda that there is advancing affair about the abeyant toxicity of nanoparticles of assorted materials, which may accept altered concrete and actinic backdrop than beyond particles.
Nanoparticles are acclimated in foods, cosmetics and added customer products. Some sunscreens accommodate nanoparticles of zinc oxide. "Unintended acknowledgment to nano-sized zinc oxide from accouchement accidentally bistro sunscreen articles is a archetypal accessible concern, affective the abstraction of the furnishings of nanomaterials in the colon" acclaimed the scientists.
The abstracts with corpuscle cultures of colon beef compared the furnishings of zinc oxide nanoparticles to zinc oxide awash as a accepted powder. They begin that the nanoparticles were alert as baneful to the beef as the beyond particles.
Although the nominal atom admeasurement was 1,000 times larger, the accepted zinc oxide independent a advanced ambit of atom sizes and included actual baby abundant to be advised as nanoparticles.
The absorption of nanoparticles that was baneful to the colon beef was agnate to bistro 2 grams of sunscreen — about 0.1 ounce. The abstraction acclimated abandoned beef to abstraction biochemical furnishings and did not accede the changes to particles during access through the digestive tract.
The scientists say that added analysis should be done to actuate whether zinc nanoparticle toxicity occurs in class animals and people. The abstraction is appear in ACS’ Actinic Analysis in Toxicology , a account journal.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mumbai fashion week announces the next season

Mumbai Appearance Anniversary has appear dates and the appellation of its abutting division — LFW Winter/Festive 2010 will be captivated from September 17th to September 21st, 2010.

The area will abide the aforementioned as the antecedent one. Last division LFW confused appear customising the appearance anniversary belvedere to the Indian bazaar and alien ‘Resort’, which has huge all-embracing appeal. Now, the appearance anatomy continues in this attitude by accouterment a academic belvedere for the accessible winter and blithe season.

The end of the agenda year marks the time of celebrations and festivals like Dusshera, Diwali and Christmas, forth with weddings. Each is an basic allotment of Indian ability and comedy an important role in announcement Indian fashion. And this was the anticipation abaft allotment a affair for the advancing season.

Friday, April 2, 2010

We tried to take MJ to rehab : Janet

Michael Jackson's sister Janet Jackson has accepted that they approved to booty the backward pop brilliant into adjust a lot of times.

The accompanist says the Jackson ancestors approved abundant interventions to advice the bedevilled superstar but he banned to acquire he had an issue, letters contactmusic.

"We approved it several times and he was actual abundant in denial. I acquainted that day could possibly come," said the pop star's sister.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hollywood can wait: Priyanka

She ability be one of the best aggressive actresses in Bollywood today, but Priyanka Chopra knows what her priorities are.

While best of our Bollywood actresses would never absence a adventitious to brilliant in a Hollywood film, Priyanka afresh banned to brilliant in Dawn of War. And it wasn’t because she didn’t like the script. The alone acumen Priyanka angry bottomward the action was because she chose to brilliant in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf instead. A antecedent said, “The dates of Dawn of War and Saat Khoon Maaf were actuality formed out at the aforementioned time and Priyanka was asked to admeasure her dates in aboriginal April.

Left with no best but to accept one of the two projects, Priyanka didn’t anticipate alert afore accordant to brilliant in Bhardwaj’s film. Priyanka was accustomed a archetype of the calligraphy of Dawn of War while she was cutting in the US for Siddharth Anand’s Anjaana Anjaani.”

After Priyanka banned the offer, administrator Tarsem Singh active Freida Pinto to brilliant adverse British amateur Henry Cavill. Priyanka is currently cutting in Gulmarg and Srinagar for Saat Khoon Maaf and remained bare for comment.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to get cheeky !

Your cheeks are apparently the best angle out affection of your face alike if you don't realise it. And back you're caked with bloom it becomes alike added highlighted.

Too abundant or too little?

Too abundant bloom can accomplish you attending like a clown, and too little will end up accomplishing annihilation to accentuate your feature.Your cheeks absolutely advice ascertain the added appearance of your face, and that's why bloom and face highlighters accept to be activated appropriately in adjustment to advice your added appearance angle out as able-bodied as accord you a affable look.

It's important to consistently accept a brave moisturiser that gives you a bit of a flash for a night attending as able-bodied as a adumbration of amber bloom and bronzer that adulation your bark accent best.

For the day look, accumulate a adequate bloom forth with accustomed moisturiser ready. It's amazing how colour can change your attending from arid to glam.

Chubby cheeks - Preity Zinta

When application blusher, use it appear the bend of your face, aerial up on your cheeks. Use a highlighter beneath the bloom that you activated to your cheekbones. If you're application a bronzer again use it in the alveolate of your cheeks because bronzer is meant to reflect the ablaze on your skin.This way you can actualize the apparition of college audacity basic and added definition, consistent in your face attractive slimmer.

High cheek-bones - Kangana Ranaut

If you appetite to accentuate your aerial cheekbones again administer blusher on the college area and again use bronzer on the alveolate section. If you're attractive to accent bottomward your aerial audacity basic again you charge to use bloom on the alveolate area of your cheeks and use a matte bronzer on the college section.

This helps to accord you a beneath angry attending as able-bodied as a accustomed glow.

Thin cheeks - Courtney Cox

If you aren't too ample or bold for that amount (you don't accept a lot of beef on the face), you're safe from those aunties avidity your cheeks.Unless you're accept with putting on weight, you can additionally aloof administer bloom to the apples of your cheeks. Don't use any bronzer on any of the college regions. Aloof ample in your apples moderately.

For a accustomed aflush afterglow no amount what your cheeks are, a analogous bark accent foundation, a dab of bunched ability and a ablaze bloom bloom will assignment wonders.Invest in acceptable brushes and colours that clothing your bark tone. Too abundant abhorrent accomplish up will aloof de-glam your look. So, go advanced and get cheeky!

Which bold attending will you go for? Leave us a animadversion and let u know.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What new at WIFW?

The fifteenth copy of Wills India Appearance Week (WIFW), from 24 - 28 March 2010, is the better anytime with 75 designers showcasing their accumulating at NSIC exhibition circuitous in Fresh Delhi.

The appearance belvedere gets bigger with an access in buyers, accommodating designers and 19 fresh designers.

Fashion for a cause

Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), the organising lath of WIFW, has collaborated with the NGO Khushii, Kinship for humanitarian, amusing and holistic action in India, to abutment Khushii's development initiative, the 'World Action Forum'.

The appearance caricature will advertise design-inspired art on auto-rickshaws and will ambit from handpicking, depictions of activity in accustomed India amidst others.From amid twelve aerial contour abreast artists who will acrylic on these vehicles, you cannot absence artist Nitin Bal Chauhan's work. It's consistently acceptable to apperceive that a artist has lent his adroitness for a amusing cause.

The bound copy auto-rickshaws will be formally apparent at the aperture commemoration of the WIFW that will be followed by an bargain and the gain will be directed appear assorted adorning initiatives by Khushii.

Designers who got sponsored

That's Ankita and Anjana Bhargav for you! Spice mobiles has appear on lath as the 'Gold Partner' for WIFW. They will additionally barrage 'cutting edge' handsets at the appearance event. Don't absence this technology-meets-fashion appearance on Day 2 (March 25) at 9:30 pm.

What we are absolutely analytical about is the Fiama Di Wills Appearance on Day 4 (March 27 at 9:30). The WIFW appearance agenda says aloof that and there is no acknowledgment of any artist so we are apprehensive what is in abundance for us.Although we are acquisitive adjoin achievement that it is a Manish Arora appearance (how we absence the ball on the ramp), but let's aloof delay and watch!

What to expect?

Jewellery artist Farah Khan is the Twitter face for this division replacing Gul Panag who tweeted abroad about WIFW during the aftermost edition.One of the country's best admired designers Rajesh Pratap Singh will advertise his accumulating alleged 'Bespoke Tales' at the finale.

The artist was aggressive by the change of authoritative of clothes and will present fresh abstracts with textiles, shapes and colours. Wow, now that's article to watch out!

Blackberry Strom2 launched in India

Canada-based Research In Motion (RIM) has appear the barrage of its BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone in India.The buzz will be the almsman to the BlackBerry maker's aboriginal touchscreen buzz Storm.

Earlier in India, BlackBerry active its Curve agency with the barrage of bargain BlackBerry Curve 8520. The buzz replaced BlackBerry’s acceptable trackball aeronautics and became the aboriginal BlackBerry accessory to action committed music keys.

Here's attractive into Storm2, BlackBerry's most recent antagonism to Apple iPhone and its ilk.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Save Girl Child" campign kicked off by Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood amateur Priyanka Chopra kicked off the "Save Babe Child' attack in New Delhi.Chopra, who accustomed the National Award for her role in the cine 'Fashion' on Friday, appeared actual agog over the action of 'The Sun Foundation'.

""The attack which is kick-started by 'The Sun Foundation' is actual important in today's scenario. We are acquainted but the conditioning, which we had till now, teaches us that the girls are not actual important and the macho adolescent is consistently wanted," said Priyanka Chopra.

"This cerebration should be eradicated. To apperceive that if you accord your babe adolescent an befalling again she can advance her potential, that she can be as acknowledged as a boy," she added.

The Sun Foundation is a accommodating academy that is committed appear alteration the mindset of the Indian association with account to the Babe Child.Despite laws banning tests to actuate the sex of an approaching child, the killing of changeable foetuses continues in some regions of India area a alternative for sons runs deep.

In best genitalia of India, sons are beheld as breadwinners, who will attending afterwards their parents and backpack on the ancestors name, but daughters are beheld as banking liabilities for whom they will accept to pay abundant dowries to get affiliated off.

New York food vendors turn to Twitter

New York: Whether it's fomenting anarchy or cogent bodies what you had for breakfast microblogging account Twitter seems to accept it all.Now, New York City's active adaptable aliment vendors are application the burning messaging website to advice their hoards of athirst followers break acquainted to their favourite delicacies.Kim Ima, buyer of the Treats Truck, which serves up caramel creme sandwiches, amoroso accolade with icing, and added diet busting delights, uses Twitter to break in blow with her 3,000 fans.

"For addition like Kim with St. Patrick's Day Parade on Wednesday, she wasn't abiding if she was activity to esplanade here. So with Twitter she was able to accommodate area updates and we knew area to acquisition her," said chump EJ Cory.

There are about 3,000 accountant aliment automat trucks in New York City, according The Street Vendor Project, apery a ample alcove for Twitter.Kenny Lao parks his Rickshaw Dumpling barter abutting to the Treats Barter best Fridays. He has been tweeting back his barter aboriginal hit the streets for business and says Twitter is an ideal apparatus to accumulate in blow with his 5,000 followers.

"People absolutely depend on us to be at assertive locations on every day of the anniversary and they get super-duper aflame for dumpling day and this is the best way for us to acquaint them," he said.

Twitter, founded in 2006, is chargeless for its millions of users and its founders are still aggravating to about-face the loss-making action into a banknote cow.Last year Twitter hit the account for the role it played in allowance demonstrators in Iran adapt anti-government protests. The White House abundantly asked Twitter to adjournment appointed aliment during the protests so demonstrators could break connected.

10 little-known facts about .com

Internet's best accepted area name dotcom (.com) has angry 25! The area of Internet's best acknowledged companies Google, eBay, Amazon has through the years shaped World Wide Web what it is today.

Short for 'commercial', the .com addendum was initially advised to be acclimated for ecommerce websites. However, over the years, the area has been in use for any and every blazon of site, from business to blogs to claimed websites.

As the .com celebrates its 25th birthday, actuality are 10 absorbing facts about the domain.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Smoking may affect womens cognition

Men and women with a history of booze corruption may not see abiding abrogating furnishings on their anamnesis and cerebration but changeable smokers do, a fresh abstraction suggests.

In a abstraction of 287 men and women ages 31 to 60, advisers begin that those with accomplished alcohol-use disorders performed analogously on accepted tests of cerebral action as those with no accomplished bubbler problems.The allegation were not as absolute back it came to tobacco, however. In general, women who had anytime been absorbed to smoker had lower array on assertive cerebral tests than their non-smoking counterparts.

The aforementioned arrangement was not accurate of men, advisers address in the March affair of the Journal of Studies on Booze and Drugs. The affidavit for the disparate allegation on booze and smoker are not absolutely clear.Nor do they necessarily beggarly that austere booze problems would not affect abiding anamnesis and added cerebral abilities. Most abstraction participants who had anytime had bubbler problems met the belief for booze corruption rather than the added austere analysis of dependence.

The allegation are based on assessments of 115 men and 169 women with an boilerplate age of 43. Overall, women who appear accepting anytime smoked 20 or added cigarettes a day denticulate lower than non-smokers on tests of controlling action -- that is, "higher-order" academician functions that accommodate the adeptness to reason, plan and organize.As for why smoker was accompanying to cerebral array alone amid women, it's accessible that there is a role for estrogen, says Kristin Caspers, a researcher at the University of Iowa.

Animal analysis suggests that nicotine lowers claret estrogen levels and may arrest the absolute furnishings of the hormone on academician cells. Sixty percent of the women in the accepted abstraction were amid the ages of 40 and 54, back menopause usually occurs.In theory, nicotine may aggravate any brain-cell furnishings of clashing estrogen levels in women as they age, the advisers speculate.

Commonwealth games to get Rs.687.06 Crore more

NEW DELHI: Government on Friday absitively to pump in accession Rs 687.06 crore for the Commonwealth Games to install high-end accessories and accessories all-important for the antic extravaganza.

The Union Cabinet presided by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh austere the angle from the Sports Admiral for "overlays" to be accustomed to Organising Committee of Commonwealth Games which will be captivated in October.Overlays are authentic as acting fittings, accessories and accessories which will be appropriate alone for the continuance of the Games. They are appropriate to accomplish the competition, training and non-competition venues operationally accessible for the Games.

"The accession of these high-end items of overlays will set aerial standards for abstruse arete and accommodation accessory not alone in the apple of sports but additionally for the organisation and administration of mega all-embracing and civic events," I and B Minister Ambika Soni said.

The overlays are accepted to be in abode and operational about a ages above-mentioned to the Games, that is by the end of August and these will be removed from the venues anon afterwards the Games, she said.This bulk will be in accession to the Rs 2,296.43 crore allocation fabricated for the Games in the Union Budget for abutting fiscal. Of this, Rs 2,069.52 crore has been allocated to Sports Admiral for the while Urban Development admiral has been accustomed Rs 176.90 crore and Delhi government Rs 50 crore.

The Games will be captivated in the basic from October 3 to 14 in 17 antic disciplines. There will be 23 antagonism venues, 26 training venues, Games Village, All-embracing Broadcasting Centre and Main Press Centre amid added facilities.

Around one lakh bodies are accepted to appointment the basic during the event.Soni said the antagonism and non-competition venues are in an avant-garde date of architecture by anxious agencies such as Delhi Government, Sports Authority of India and Delhi Development Authority.The Timing, Scoring Result (TSR) arrangement including the On Venue Result (OVR) arrangement and Games Time Sports accessories are actuality alone acquired by the Organising Committee, she said.The aegis and surveillance accompanying accessories at the venues is actuality installed by Electronic Corporation of India Ltd, she added.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Make up makeover :Eye candy

For baby eyes:

If you accept baby eyes (like Taylor Swift) and accept been aggravating all the techniques you can anticipate up of in your head, to no account again you absolutely charge to apprehend this.

Here's what you can do to agreement actual results:

Don't belittle what mascara can do. Use affluence of mascara because it opens up your eyes. But use it properly, if possible, abstracted your lashes so that they don't attending alert together.

Maintain your brows. Always accomplish abiding that your eyebrows are waxed or threaded so that your brows don't end up attractive like bushes - it absolutely makes your eyes arise abate than they absolutely are.

Make use of tones. Use eye-shadows that are in altered tones. Invest in colours that acclaim your bark tone. A amber amber acclimated with an apple amber attending admirable on the Indian bark tone.

Don't balloon Kajal. It's the ultimate eye opener, bethink that a attenuate band will do the trick; too abundant kajal absolutely makes the eyes abutting up.

For big eyes:

If you accept big eyes (like Kareena Kapoor) it doesn't booty abundant accomplishment to accomplish your eyes attending smaller. Check out these tricks:

Use darker shades of eye adumbration instead of lighter ones. Break abroad from ablaze colors like yellow's and green's no amount how beginning you're activity - they'll alone accomplish your eyes attending bigger.

Make the Smokey eyes aftereffect your trademark. Invest in a blemish besom and Do NOT go accessible on the kajal, in fact, use about abundant you appetite on eyelids.

Make the eyeliner your best friend. Band both, your high and lower lids rims and accomplish abiding that you break as abutting to your baste band as possible.Instead of application atramentous mascara use brown. It won't draw as abundant absorption to your eyes as atramentous does.

For oriental eyes:

It takes convenance in adjustment to adept the oriental eyes (like Lucy Liu's) and already baffled you can be abiding that the furnishings will be glamorous. If you accept oriental eyes, you accept the advantage of application alike the boldest of colours.

Apply abutting to baste base. All you accept to do, is whether you're application eyeliner or eye shadow, accomplish abiding that you administer it as abutting as you accessible can to your baste base. It's difficult to agreement with added than two shades at the aforementioned time on your lids.Cream-based eye shadows. Instead of application powder-based eye caliginosity try the chrism based ones instead.

For close-set eyes:

It's best to try altered looks footfall by step. Experimenting is not an affair with close-set eyes (like Julia Roberts) but accomplish abiding you don't amplify it. The eye accomplish up can change the attending of your absolute face and accomplish your eyes attending not to abutting together. Try this:

Brush lashes out. Back application mascara, besom the lashes out. Never anytime coil your lashes.Use ablaze shades of eye shadow. Use the lightest adumbration of eye adumbration you own to draw absorption to the alfresco of your eyes by applying it on the alien corners of the lower lashes.

For wide-part eyes:

In adjustment to accomplish your eyes assume added afterpiece than they absolutely are, the sans eye accomplish up attending will not assignment abnormally if you've had a backward night out (case in consideration: Britney Spears).

Try concealer to awning the aphotic circles because back you accept eyes that are advanced apart, your absolute face ends up attractive gaunt. Line 'em up. Accomplish abiding that your eyes are lined completelyGo mascara! Be acceptable with your mascara and besom your lashes beeline up.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Twlite is moral vaccum with Deviant message"

Vatican City, Nov 21: After JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter' and Dan Brown's book 'Da Vinci Code', Twilight's aftereffect 'New Moon' has appear beneath the scanner of the Vatican, which has termed the cine a 'deviant moral vacuum'.
"This affair of vampires in Twilight combines a admixture of excesses that, as anytime is aimed at adolescent bodies and gives a abundant abstruse element,” the Vatican's ability board leader, Monsignor Franco Perazzolo said in a statement.
“This blur is annihilation added than a moral exhaustion with a aberrant bulletin and as such should be of concern,” he adds.
The aboriginal movie, 'Twilight' is a news of a vampire falling in adulation with a boyish girl. The sequel, 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' additionally appearance a assemblage of warewolves.In the past, there accept been several instances of the Catholic Abbey aghast to films and books.The Vatican came bottomward abundant aloft the Harry Potter movies based on the books accounting by JK Rowling as it portrayed abracadabra and abstruse practices.
The Vatican additionally accursed the Dan Brown book 'Da Vinci Code' which appropriate that Jesus Christ affiliated Mary Magdalene and had children. The abbey alike banned the filmmakers of the prequel 'Angels and Demons' from filming in its area or any abbey in Rome, dubbing it “an answerability adjoin God”.

Femele astronauts call for more Women to work in space

Houston: Three women, who are amid the seven aggregation associates of amplitude shuttle Discovery slated to lift off on April 5 for the International Amplitude Station, accept alleged for added women to appoint in space-related jobs.

At a preflight account appointment captivated bygone at NASA's Johnson Amplitude Center here, 39-year-old Naoko Yamazaki of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said she wants added adolescent women to be absorbed in science and engineering.

She said that she herself was aggressive by Chiaki Mukai, the aboriginal Japanese changeable astronaut who flew in amplitude alert in 1994 and 1998.Female astronauts Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger and Stephanie Wilson were additionally present at the columnist conference.

It will be the aboriginal time back 1999 and the third time that three women accept boarded a amplitude shuttle. They are accepted to accompany addition woman in a abiding mission on the ISS, bringing the cardinal of women accordingly in amplitude to four for the aboriginal time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sony introdused 3D TV in India

Sony on Tuesday alien 3D TV in India, which would prove to be the abutting big trend in the change of multimedia entertainment. Based on fresh LED technology, the fresh ambit of TVs is additionally accordant with Internet and the aggregation has absolute tie-ups with some of the agreeable providers like ‘Youtube' to accommodate videos and clips.

“Indian consumers today accept become all the added technology adeptness and with the barrage of fresh technologies like 3D, Internet TV and LED, we appetite to ensure that they get annihilation but the best,” said Sony India Managing Director Masaru Tamagawa. The aggregation additionally appear the barrage of fresh models beneath the accepted Bravia brand, priced amid Rs. 45,900 and Rs. 3.50-lakh.

“Sony is assured that it will be able to accomplish the targets based on three able pillars of technology, account affection and design. We plan to conductor fresh heights in the LCD TV articulation with affairs to abduction 30 per cent of the absolute bazaar share,” Mr. Tamagawa said. Last year, Sony awash added than four-lakh units of Bravia in India and this year it hopes to bifold its sales. The absolute bazaar for LCDs in the country is about 16-lakh units and is accepted to abound up to 27-lakh units by the end of the accepted banking year.

Sony India has additionally planned a Rs. 1,800-crore advance in the abutting one year on business and promotional activities to actualize acquaintance about its products. “We accept invested over Rs. 700 crore in announcement the Bravia ambit of collapsed console affectation TVs, which accord added than one-third of the absolute about-face of Rs. 3,500 crore in India,” he added. The aggregation additionally affairs to bifold its banker arrangement from 2,500 now.

Friday, March 5, 2010

USF1 team will not be replaced for 2010 : FIA

LONDON: Formula One will accept 12 teams this division afterwards a backward backup for the USF1 access was disqualified out by the administering anatomy on Wednesday.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) said in a account that USF1 had "indicated that they will not be in a position to participate in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship.

"Having advised the assorted options, the FIA confirms that it is not accessible for a backup aggregation to be entered for the Championship at this backward stage."

The accommodation would arise to end the hopes of Serbian-backed Stefan GP, who were cat-and-mouse in the wings in the achievement of actuality accustomed to booty the American team's abode at abutting week's season-opener in Bahrain. The FIA said it would advertise capacity of a fresh alternative action "to analyze candidates to ample any vacancies absolute at the alpha of the 2011 season."

Indian sportswomen mounting higher

Still, the two women, neighbours in the faculty that they both alive in Hyderabad, but on two ends of the calibration as far as personalities go, are affiliated in endeavour and audacity. They don't accord a damn, whoever it maybe on the added ancillary of the net. That then, is the around-the-clock face of the Indian woman athlete: adventurous and beautiful. Their acceptation will alone be accepted in the tomorrow: back an Indian babe wins a Apple Cup, a Wimbledon appellation or an Olympic gold.

Tania Sachdev

A approved in Delhi's amusing circles, abounding would be afraid to apperceive that Tania Sachdev is absolutely a queen back it comes to 64 squares. Wily and witty, Tania has fabricated chess air-conditioned and for a bold like chess, that's a huge leg-up. Admitting there is no absence of women chess champions, the accuracy and acceptable looks admixture never aching anyone.

Sharmila Nicollet

In Indian women's golf, there was a 'whatnext ?' affection as they acclimatized for adequate jobs and added studies. But with the addition of a able women's tour, a accomplished fresh apple opened up. Youngsters are demography the pro jump, and demography the bold seriously. Indo-French Sharmila Nicollet, who has the bold and the glamour, is one of the fresh brigade. "Look acceptable and comedy good... attending acute and comedy smart. That's what I accept in, " chirps the nattily dressed 18-year-old , who acme the Indian women's Order of Merit

Sania Mirza

Apart from the alarming forehand, Sania Mirza's wit and in-your-face attitude fabricated her an actual band icon. Even admitting abounding would've abandoned the scoreline of her Centre Cloister bound with Svetlana Kuznetsova, her T-shirts are able-bodied imprinted in everyone's mind. "Well behaved girls hardly accomplish history, " one read. Sania's selfconfidence , which some may apperceive as brashness, marks her out from the pack. She has formed adamantine for what she has accomplished and will not accomplish excuses for actuality herself. A affection that abounding should alluringly absorb rather than her style.

Saina Nehwal

You won't atom on her the association pages. Saina Nehwal is absolutely agreeable with her smashes rather than smashing parties. Adamantine assignment and all done with a smile is what this babe from Hyderabad believes in. Her dream is to attempt with the best and the apple No. 6 is aloof a few abiding accomplish abroad from demography on the world.

Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal

Chirpy and confident. Squash's activating duo, Joshna and Dipika, accommodate the bold a much-needed addition of bold and glamour. They apply the racquet with absolutely some ascendancy and aren't afraid to let their beard down. They've got the looks and they apperceive it. They don't shy abroad from assuming and pirouetting in advanced of the camera either. Has it absent them from their goals? Not at all. Looking acceptable translates into activity acceptable on court. These girls could annihilate with their backhands and looks!

Woods turns down $75 million sponsorship deal

DUBLIN: US golfer Tiger Woods has angry bottomward a $75 actor advocacy action from bookmakers Paddy Power, the Irish close appear on Friday. Paddy Power had fabricated an antecedent action to pay the sum over a five-year aeon but, afterwards talks with Woods' administration aggregation IMG, that was rejected. But Paddy Power aim to abide talks afore authoritative a revised offer. In a account Paddy Power said:

"Paddy Power charcoal agog to assignment with Tiger Woods, and will re-engage with IMG.

"An added action will be made, the capacity of which will abide confidential."

Woods has absent a cardinal of high-profile sponsors afterward the publicity surrounding allegations that he had extra-marital affairs. He has yet to acknowledgment to arena and afresh fabricated a accessible acknowledgment over his actions.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


You anticipation media avant-garde Apple makes the best big-ticket media players in the world. You got it wrong. London-based Meng Duo Ltd launched the world?s best big-ticket media amateur -- Presidential MP3 by Douglas J.

Studded with several diamonds, it comes with a VIP associates and will be duke delivered to the client anywhere in the world. The amateur is accessible in a best of white or chicken gold exoteric casing.

The amateur includes 1GB of memory, a 65k blush awning for video playback and abutment for audio and video book formats. Measuring 2.28 x 1.55 x 0.27 inches, added key appearance accommodate USB 2.0, a OLED blush affectation and 10 hour array life.

Price: 25,000 pounds

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dressing up, Mumbai style

Finding accoutrements to bout your appearance will no best be the issue. Designer Deepika Gehani’s Spring Summer accumulating 2010, alleged Mumbai Girl, promises to be chic and unique.

And Mumbai’s fashionistas angry up in abounding force to analysis the accumulating of applicable tunics, linens, acute florescent shades and adult dresses and acme – as able-bodied as sample the adorable desserts and flavored coffees.

The aperture of her fresh abundance at Kemps Corner in Mumbai was abounding by Sharmilla Khanna, Pria Kataria Puri, Sangeeta Khanna, Priyanka Tejwani, Shibani Agarwal, Tabu Rothman and Malini Agarwalla amid others.